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Item # X2007, Vacuum Pen Handling Tool

List Price $73.71

This tool allows you to pick and place fine pitch devices with out having to touch them directly by using vacuum pressure to hold the IC to the end of the tool. Choose one of three suction cups that best suit the size IC you are working with. Place the tool, press the plunger down and release. Once installed the device can be moved without fear from bending leads or static electricity damage.

For distributor pricing please contact distributor sales at 1-800-995-4665.

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100 gm

  • Three different cup sizes included with handle 0.530" diameter, 0.425" diameter, 0.210" diameter
  • Eliminates need to touch fragile QFP and SOIC packages.
  • ESD safe.
  • Pick-up weight of 100 grams.

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