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Connectors and Adapters

E-Z-Hook has a large selection of connectors and adapters to meet all your testing needs, including Banana plugs & jacks, Pin plugs, connectors & sockets, Banana sockets, Pin sockets, Spade lugs & spade connectors, Alligator clips, Wire clamps, Panel mounts, panel mount connectors, Wire harness connectors & terminals, Terminal clips, Ring adapters and ring terminals.

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Standard Banana Plug, 9202 Black

Banana Plugs & Pin Plug Connectors, Plug Adapters


E-Z-Hook manufacturers a large selection of banana plugs, pin plugs, and adapters. 

  • Our banana plug product line includes: standard banana plugs, stackable banana plugs, miniature banana plugs, shrouded banana plugs , right angle banana plugs , retractable banana plugs and dual banana plug options.
  • Our pin plug product line includes: standard and stacking 0.080" pin plugs, meter pins, miniature pin plugs and 0.025” square pins.
  • Our extensive line of pin and banana plug adapters includes: jack and socket combinations, binding posts, panel mounts, terminal rings and spade lugs.

(photo of 9202 shown)



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Standard Banana Socket, 9210 Red

Banana Socket & Pin Socket Connectors, Socket Adapters

E-Z-Hook has a variety of banana sockets or banana jack connectors. Our extensive female socket line includes socket adapters, socket pin connectors (.080" tip jacks), shrouded banana sockets, .025” square sockets and solder sockets. Our broad selection allows you to modify, convert and connect banana plugs to pin plugs, banana plug to banana plugs and many other combinations. (9210 shown)
E-Z-Flex Adapter Kit (All 8 sockets and pins have a standard banana socket in the back), 9099-0316

Flexible Socket and Plug Adapters, Test Connector Kit

Our E-Z-Flex connectors are available as individual pieces as well as sixteen piece test connector kit of 8 unique pins and sockets in both color red and black. These electrical test connectors are available individually in four distinct pin and socket sizes. All pin and socket flexible test connectors have a banana socket (banana jack) on one side which accepts standard banana plugs.  (kit 9099-0316 shown)
Standard Alligator Clip (Uninsulated), 9270

Alligator Clips, Crocodile Clips, Alligator Connectors

A large variety of alligator clips available. Choose from mini alligator clips, large alligator clips, insulated alligator clips, metal alligator clips and insulation piercing clips.  Our alligator clip product line includes test clips adapters with alligator to banana socket (banana jack), female 6-32 thread, tip jack or pin socket and other combinations. . (9270 shown)
Shrouded Standard Banana Socket Panel Mount for 9302 R/A Meter Plug, 8207 Red

Panel Mounts, Binding Posts, Turret Terminals


E-Z-Hook manufacturers a large variety of panel mount connectors,  binding post connectors, dual binding posts and turret terminals. Panel mount and binding post connectors include standard bannana sockets, mini banana sockets, shrouded banana sockets (jacks) and dual banana panel mount and binding post options. (8207 shown)



Terminal Ring on 0.08in Pin Plug, 8701

Terminal Rings & Spade Lugs

Terminal ring connectors and adapters provide easy connections with plugs, pins, sockets and threaded post options(8701 shown). E-Z-Hook also offers a variety of spade lug connectors and adapters.
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