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Harness Boards

E-Z-Hook offers a full line of nailclips, test terminals and harness board nails. E-Z-Nailclip™ test terminals and bread boarding kits are ideal for holding wire ends firmly in place. The simple fingertip operation makes connections hassle-free. Offering a variety of designs our nailclips provide efficient harness board construction and can be driven directly into wood like a nail or used in predrilled holes and breadboards. Harness board nails are available in various sizes, from 1.25" to 5" in length and with varying diameters.

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E-Z-Nailclip™ Test Terminals


E-Z-Nailclips™ are perfect for pretesting circuits, breadboards, components and experimental hookups. The E-Z-Nailclip simple fingertip operation holds wire ends firmly in place for a quick, sure connection which allows for fast and efficient harness board construction. E-Z-Nailclips drive into wood like a nail using the T-20 accessory tool, or can be pressed into predrilled holes.

All E-Z-Nailclips™ models are available with factory installed adapters. Our E-Z-Nailclip test terminal adapters are available with threaded posts, banana plugs, spade lugs and terminal rings.

E-Z-Nailclips™ kits are packaged to include either 24 or 50 E-Z-Nailclips. Select the nailclip style that best fits your ...

Insulation-Piercing Wire Clamp, 82-2 Red

Insulation Piercing Wire Clamps, Test Terminals

A variation of our standard E-Z-Nailclips, this insulation piercing wire clamp is a perfect solution. Test wires can be installed from three different sides and the needle piercing bed eliminates the need to strip wire ends for continuity testing. (82-2 photo shown)
Quick Disconnect Terminal Boards, color black

Harness Board Accessories

E-Z-Hook provides a variety of bread boarding and harness board accessories such as our T-20 Nail driving tool, Spiral Harness wrap, terminal boards and easy to use perf board hole adapters. (quick disconnect terminal board)
1.25inch Harness Board Nail, 80-1

Harness Board Nails

E-Z-Hook offers a variety of harness board nails available in various lengths and diameters. All nails are made from tool steel, heat treated and plated, with a slightly dulled tapered point. (80-1 shown)
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