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Coaxial Connectors

E-Z-Hook offers a broad selection of high quality coaxial connectors including BNC, N series, TNC, UHF, SMA and LOC adapters with various interfaces to allow connection from one style to another or connection to different types of coaxial cable. Male to Male BNC, Female to Female BNC, BNC to coax, SMA to BNC connectors, and many more cable assemblies available.

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BNC Male Connector for RG58C/U Cable, 8901

BNC Plugs, Adapters & Receptacles

BNC Male and BNC Female connectors for various size coaxial cables are available both with and without strain relief boots and in straight or right angle configurations. A variety of BNC receptacles and adapters are available to fulfill most any termination requirement. (8901 shown)

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N' Series Male Connector, 8923

ā€œNā€ Series Connectors & Adapters

N” Series Male and “N” Series Female connectors, panel receptacles and adapters. (8923 shown)
SMA Male Connector for RG174/U Cable, 8921

SMA Plug and Adapters

SMA Male and SMA Female connectors and adapters. (p/n 8921 shown)
Right Angle UHF Female to UHF Male Adapter, 9243

UHF Plugs, Adapters and Receptacles

UHF Male and UHF Female connectors, panel receptacles and adapters. (p/n 9243 shown)
TNC Female Connector, 8917

TNC Plugs, Receptacles & Adapters

TNC Male and TNC Female connectors, panel receptacles and adapters.
LOC Female Threaded Panel Receptacle, 8933

LOC Plugs, Receptacles & Adapters

LOC Male and LOC Female connectors, panel receptacles and adapters. (p/n 8933 shown)
XLR Female Audio Cable Connector, 9343 Black

XLR Audio Connectors

XLR Male and XLR Female audio cable connectors and XLR panel mounts. (p/n 9343 shown)
BNC Male to Standard Double Banana Plug Adapter, 9248 Black

Adapters Between Series

Variety of Connectors which adapt from one coaxial connector style to another. Variations of connectors include BNC, TNC, Binding Posts, “N” Series, Double Banana plugs, etc. (p/n 9248 shown)
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